Antibiotics in Feed & Food

Analyses of antibiotics in food & feed

Antibiotics and its derivatives, like nitrofurans or chloramphenicol, should never be found in food or feed within the European Union. The EU-RASFF portal ( shows over 500 alerts for chloramphenicol in seafood, feed and enzyme preparations from all over the world. For furazolidone the RASFF portal shows since 2006 over 300 alerts. Most of these notifications refer to border rejections of sea food products form South East Asia. In 2014 reports have been made of furazolidone in compounds feed of up to 15.000 ppb. Traces of furazolidone  have been detected in the urine of young bovines in the Netherlands, leading to their unfortunate culling and a substantial financial loss for the farmers.

TLR analyses for antibiotics in Food and Feed. Click for infomail