TLR is your partner for analytical tests in Organic Textile Certifications



TLR has the newest technology to determine the presence of modified DNA on low level. This screening method  verifies four modifications of DNA constructs (35S, NOS, BAR and FMV). These four constructs are used in apprx. 95% of DNA modifications. The method has been accredited for pure cotton products.


TLR offers various methods to analyse your product on hundreds of pesticide residues. Our flexible accreditation scope is extended permanently with new pesticides. Pesticides are analysed by GC-MS/MS (Combi 1) and LC-MS/MS (Combi 3/4). Both techniques will give you as a customer fast and accurate results at very low detection limits.

Heavy metals

TLR analyses more than 30 elements by ICP-MS and additional equipment such as Ion Chromatography System, Mercury Analyser and AAS.

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