The usage of oilseeds is very diversified. Vegetable oils, fats and proteins extracted from oilseeds are vital components in food and animal nutrition. In recent days, vegetable oils are increasingly being applied in bio fuel production and the preparation of technical oils. Moreover, the remainder of oilseeds, are valuable raw materials for use in the feed industry.

To assess the quality of oilseeds, TLR offers basic analyses like moisture and impurity determination as well as oil content and oil quality parameters.

To ensure that your product meets the requirements of food safety legislation (e.g. EU-HACCP) and the specifications set by retail organisation such as GFSI, IFS, BRC, TLR offers a compreshensive range of accredited analyses, such as teh determination of pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals and PAH’s.

As a FOSFA and NOFOTA recognized laboratory, we are competent for the analyses of oilseeds and oil products.

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