Oil and Fats

TLR can assist in assessing quality parameters or can help to quantify ingredients in oils and fats like fatty acids composition (PUFA, MUFA, Omega-3 fatty acid, trans fatty acids), tocopherol, cholesterol impurities, moisture, peroxide, FFA (free fatty acids) etc..

Referring to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), food safety standards like IFS or BRC and the required legal HACCP-concepts, TLR offers a wide range of analyses on pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals and PAH’s.

In the context of risk-management we can provide detection of dioxins or GMO ‘carry overs’, as well as migration of fat-soluble ingredients related to packaging.

Being a FOSFA and NOFOTA recognized laboratory, we are competent for the analyses of oilseeds and related products. As a member of FEDIOL, we support the mission to ensure quality and safety in oil and fat related products.

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