We can determine the nutritional value of your products in terms of fats, proteins and starch. We also analyse food on the presence of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In order to maintain the quality of food during shelf life we can determine the aerobic and anaerobic plate count and the presence of yeasts and moulds.

We have expertise in a comprehensive range of analyses in the field of contaminants and additives. This includes contaminants of natural origin like mycotoxins, contamination that occurs during processing (PAH’s/dioxins, acrylamide, transfatty acids) and package mediated migration. Analyses on pesticides and antibiotics complete our analysis portfolio.

On the molecular level we provide GMO-analyses and microbial analyses such as E. coli (STEC EHEC) and Salmonella typing by DNA micro-arrays. We also analyse meat for species composition (beef, pork, chicken, sheep, goat, turkey, cat and dog). We can analyse for food borne viruses (Norovirus and Hepatitis A) and Alicyclobacillus.

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