Feed and Petfood

Animal Feed

We can assist in assessing the nutritional value of your single or compound feed material by the classical ‘Weende’ analyses and determine valuable additives. Customers have access to an extensive repertoire of analyses of harmful chemical contaminations such as mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, GMO, and dioxins. We also perform analyses in the field of microbiological contaminations.

The above mentioned analyses are carried out according to the criteria of various quality schemes such as Q&S, GAFTA and GMP+.

Pet food

Pet foods are very nutritive and therefore complex in composition. This complexity should be taken into account, as it is necessary to avoid chemical interference during analysis. Our laboratory has the suitable equipment and required experience to care for these special needs in the pet food industry.

TLR offers analyses on raw materials, premixes and ready-made products. This includes proximate analyses for ingredient declaration, additives such as vitamins, elements, amino acids and biogenic amines, pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins.

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