The analyses of grain, cereals and flour

Being located near one of the most important grain ports in the European Union, we benefit from a long lasting experience with quality analyses of grains, cereals and flour. For many years, we are active as a GAFTA approved analyst. TLR can provide all the GAFTA analyses .

To assess the quality of grains and flour, we can offer analyses such as moisture as well as protein content and quality, which we measure by Kjeldahl and ‘Near Infra Red’ (NIR) techniques. It is also possible to develop customer specific NIR calibrations that meet your special needs. TLR offers rheological tests such as alveogram.

To cope with EU hygiene and safety standards, we can fulfil the requirements of a variety of EU quality programs (e.g. GMP+, Q+S, EFISC GFSI, IFS or BRC ) as well as HACCP concepts. TLR offers a comprehensive range of accredited analyses, such as the determination of pesticides, mycotoxins, dioxins, heavy metals and PAH’s.

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